For Every Occasion

We caught up with Joanne and Natasha the mother daughter duo, and owners of Designer Occasion event planning services, in Marbella old town, to chat with them about their new business venture, and find out more about this dynamic duo.

So Joanne and Natasha tell us a little more about yourselves and your background.

Natasha: Well my mum and I are from Manchester, UK, born and raised. We come from a fitness background with both of us working in the fitness industry, myself as a personal trainer, and mum as a Pilates instructor, and then going on to set up and run our own studio in Manchester, specializing in one to one training and small group classes with a difference. We hosted many events for our fitness clients over the years, and have also been involved in organizing a number of large charity events most recently at the Manchester United football ground raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK. We have also always had an interest and a flare in organizing and designing events, with quite a reputation back home for throwing great parties. 

Joanne: It seemed a natural step for us to do this full time, and together because we know that we work well, and understand each other, which is really crucial when planning seamless events, and really it came to a head for us here in Spain when starting to plan Natasha’s wedding!


What made you decide to do event planning rather than carrying on with your fitness business. 

Joanne: I had been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and really it felt time for a change as much as I loved every second of it. When we moved to Spain two years ago we started looking to plan Natasha’s Wedding, and actually looked to find our own wedding planner, as we thought that’s sort of the ‘done’ thing, however starting off the process we really didn’t find what we were looking for, and felt through all the research and idea boards we had put together that we would do it ourselves, and really find out if this is something we wanted to do full time.

Natasha: I had so many ideas that I wanted to explore, and also take advantage of the beautiful surroundings here in Marbella, rather than be within a hotel, and repeat a similar event to what I have already seen. I also felt that this is something we would really get stuck into, and challenge ourselves in a different way. We have always loved working with people, and making their physical dreams a reality, why not their most treasured events also! 

So what would you say sets you aside here in Marbella.

Joanne: The key quality we have I would say is imagination.

Natasha: My mum has a knack of coming up with crazy and inventive ideas, and I kind of have the resources to find them, and make them happen, this is why we work so well.

Joanne: Natasha is constantly on her phone or laptop finding a source for whatever idea I have dreamt up, and is already 10 emails deep before I know it.

Natasha: I absolutely live for organization, if you ask any of my friends it’s a standing joke, whatever we are doing tends to be overrun by my planning ha!

Joanne: Its true, but also we really work well together, and also love to build relationships with our clients, to understand them, and develop trust with them, so that they know we will deliver their hopes and dreams.


This all sounds great, now tell us what services do you offer within Designer Occasion.

Joanne: Well it’s easier to say the sky is the limit, what cant we do? We are focusing on everything and anything, events from a small intimate dinner party up to a lavish wedding, and not forgetting baby showers, and puppy parties. 

Natasha: Also what I felt was important is to be able to offer all types of planning for events, so we can be as involved or not, as required. Perhaps the client wants to do most of the organizing themselves, and have us there on the day to ensure a effortless flow, on the other hand we might be asked to be involved from the start of the process with full planning and support on the day, and therefore we have a package to fit everyone, these are all listed on our website,,make sure you get in touch with us to book your free consultation.


So, where is Designer Occasion based and what areas of Spain do you cover?

Joanne: Most of our clients are in Southern Spain but we have recently been asked to plan events in Barcelona, Madrid and the Balearic Islands. In other words we are flexible.

Natasha: We feel in order to be really great event organizers you have to have a degree of flexibility, know body wants to hear ‘no’ when they are planning their dream event.


So now that we know a little more about you ladies, in your opinion what           makes a event run seamlessly

Joanne: I think the most important thing to consider is planning for the things that could go wrong, what will you do to get around those issues, if a supplier lets you down or a car breaks down etc. it’s all about your client never knowing that anything went wrong because it was already dealt with so they can just enjoy their day.

Natasha: I totally agree with that, and I would add to that point, to communicate constantly, and have a backup plan in place, in fact multiple back up plans!


Like most businesses you must see trends emerge each season, what would you say are the event trends of the moment. 

Joanne: I think that the beach wedding is always going to be popular, barefoot and natural with shabby chic décor, and beautiful ocean views, with a very simplistic wedding dress, and guests in white, but I also see clients moving more into the sophisticated wedding trend. Influence from Hollywood celebrities, lots of magnificent flower arrangements, and large table decorations, with couture wedding gowns.

Natasha: Destination events I have seen recently becoming much more popular but with a backdrop like the Costa Del Sol its no wonder why you really can make anything possible. Some emerging trends that I have seen are the use of bold colour as a theme, and also rather than flower decorations using other elements….. watch this space for August! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, for any potential clients wanting to get in touch with Designer Occasion you can do so through their website www.designeroccasion.comor send them an email to Natasha’s wedding will be featured in our August issue, we are excited to see what these ladies put together.