Maid in Heaven

Choosing your bridesmaids’ hairstyles can seem like a daunting task, you need to find something that will complement their coordinating frocks and the overall look and feel of your wedding. Oh, and it also needs to suit each maid AND not clash with your own bridal hairstyle. Now, that's a tall order. Thankfully our bridal hair expert Paul is on hand to make your job a whole lot easier with his top tips for finding the perfect bridesmaids hairstyle for your wedding day.


Find a theme

Choosing a look for the whole party should always start with the bride. Whichever style the bride has chosen for herself should be complimented by the bridesmaids hair. Their hair could even be a scaled down version of the brides, but should NEVER overshadow the brides hair. 


Doing it for themselves? 

Honestly, I think it’s a big mistake to let the maids choose for themselves. Everyone has such different ideas of what looks good and inevitably some of these styles are going to clash with each other. This becomes painfully obvious when the bridal party photos are being taken and can ruin the whole look of the final images. 


Ask the expert

A good hair stylist can help the bride decide on what looks would work best for her maids, so it would make sense to have the whole party be styled by the same stylist or a team who work together. This will make sure that everything works in harmony and flows well.

The bride should discuss with her stylist a look that can follow through and compliment hers. Everybody’s hair is different, so all your maids may not be able to have the exact same look, but ideally for the photos it’s tidier if the look the same, just like their dresses.


The big picture 

I find it’s best to keep their looks the same from the front. If they all have their hair up or half up, then keep the hair off and away from the face, and taken or pulled back so from the front they look the same. What goes on at the back won’t be seen in the group photos.

Style wise for maids, as I have already mentioned, their hair should be a scaled down version of the bride. For example if the brides hair is up, the maids could have a smaller simpler version. If the bride’s hair is worn loose and down, put the maids hair back in a low pony or bun. This will not distract from the bride’s style. Her hair should always stand out from the maids. 


Keep calm and carry on

They best way to make things run smoothly on your big day, is to make sure that while your stylist is working hard to get the party done and out in time, have the maids arrive in time slots so as not to crowd the stylist or team working. Where possible allocate a separate room where the stylist can work without any distractions. This keeps the stylist calm which in turn and most importantly will keep the bride calm when it’s her turn to have her hair done.


Testing times

Many times while working on wedding parties I have come across a difficult maid. We all have in this industry. She’ll be late, she’ll want more time and attention spent on her, and this can cause problems. So I would suggest during your hair trials to include the maids, especially if you have one who you know has diva tendencies. Most of the time only the bride has a trial, however if you trial the whole party it will iron out any future problems on the day.

Fashion forward thinking 

Still stuck for ideas? Here are few of my favourite hair trends for bridesmaids this year.  The half-up hairstyle got a cool makeover. Instead of pulling hair into a voluminous half-up section, just the face-framing layers should be pulled back and laid flat with a few bobby pins. 

You can also take inspiration from the Chanel runway presentation at Paris Fashion Weekwhere  hairstylist Sam McKnight gave the models a loose, half-up French-girl style, secured at the back with an accessory. Sparkly hair slides, ribbons, brooches and camellias adorned the simple, clean healthy hair.

Another way to work the half up trend is by pinning the hair back on one side of the head only, and using a killer piece of jewellery to do so. It gives half-up bridal hair an ethereal vibe that doesn't feel princess-y. 

Intentionally messy hairstyles are also in. Even though the look is meant to have an undone feel, remember it’s ‘messy’  in a controlled way. Make sure it doesn’t become a whole mess after a few hours!

Center partings were seen all over the Fall 2019 Bridal Fashion Week runways, the style can be kept either super sleek and pulled back or more voluminous for an effortlessly cool look.

Ribbons are the must have hair accessory for the bridal party this year. Tying off a slim satin or velvet bow is such a beautiful and simple way to accessorize a wedding hairstyle.

I personally love the delicate and modern take on the polished side bun this year contrasting with the highlighted no-make-up-make-up, a total natural-beauty look for the bridal party.