Your Love Is Mine Feat. Leila Hafzi

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With soft palettes, a touch of nude and large tulle
designs, this Summer collection designed by Leila
Hafzi is what the elegant, but playful bride has been
dreaming of. Producer Jocelyn Whipple and photographer
Anita Hamremoen effortlessly captured the feminine
essence of each dress. Model Sarah Brikett embraces
her natural look, styled by hair and make up artist Tore
Petterson. The story was shot in the breathtaking mountains
of Monda in Andalusia.

Leila Hafzi Campaign

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PRODUCER Jocelyn Whipple
PHOTOGRAPHER Anita Hamremoen
MODELSarah Birkett
HAIR & MAKE UP Tore Petterson
FIXER Mr Gordon & Rowan Gabrielle
YLoOurVE LOCATION Andalusian Mountains of Monda